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Walnut Park Elementary School

Los Angeles Unified School District

  • We offer our 5th Graders.....
    Meet our Principal~ Mrs. Luna

    Welcome to another amazing year at Walnut Park ES!! I am excited and eager to commence the year. We have many wonderful  and new endeavors for our children.

    -Our teachers have prepared high-interest, hands-on, technology infused, lessons and activities that will result in STUDENT SUCCESS! 

    -Our School-Wide Positive Behavior Plan focuses on reflective practices with progressive discipline and restorative justice approaches, ensuring EVERY CHILD IS SAFE and MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICES.

    -Our Parent and Community Center has 2 helpful reps that are here to SERVE YOU and the center is filled with RESOURCES that will EMPOWER YOU AS A PARENT.

    - Our main office personnel is employing the SMILE CAMPAIGN offering you the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    As for me, I work day and night to ensure the needs of our children are met, the voices of our parents are heard, and the teachers are supported in every way possible. Remember, we can accomplish success together!!     

    - Mrs Luna



    Tigers Roar into the Future!

    These are historical times in education.  We are redefining how we will provide the skills and abilities our children will need to be successful in their future.  Walnut Park Elementary School is preparing our children to be college and career ready.

    The school community of Walnut Park Elementary is fulfilling this adventure and new era in education.  We are doing it together, with one goal in mind for our children.  We are opening doors to possibilities for them by giving them the foundation upon which they can build their future learning. Teachers are implementing ways to develop 21st Century Skills (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity) into every lesson so our children can solve problems and create new solutions by working with others.  Children are mastering Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which establish a new emphasis on deeper learning and understanding of basic skills. Parents are learning about the new expectations and how they can support their child at home and be involved with the learning at school.  

    Meet our Student Council....4th and 5th graders leading our school.

    Hear our Roars!!

    T alented

    I nnovative

    G lobal

    E nthusiastic

    R esilient

    S uccessful

    We are tigers hear our roar.
    We are here to open doors.
    Our future is ours to earn
    as day by day we come to learn
    skills in reading, writing, math.
    We are on the college path.
    We are tigers hear our roars!   

    Our Goal: 96% or higher!

    (7 absences or less a year!)

    Parents!! Would you like to see your child's Grades, Attendance, Records and more....? 

    Click on the link below!!!!!