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Benefits and risks of the Internet

Walnut Park Elementary wants to work  with parents and community members,  to educate and support students to take advantage of the Internet’s benefits while reducing its risks.
Those risks are identified as follows:

• Inappropriate Contact – Children need to know how to recognize and protect themselves against
contact with cyber-bullies, hackers, phishers, and predators. People aren’t always who they say
they are. The Internet is a place to enhance existing relationships, not a place to meet new people.

• Inappropriate Content – This includes both content that is viewed and content that is uploaded by
users. Children need to understand that the Internet is forever: Everything they post online is
tracked and stored and will follow them to future job interviews and college entrance interviews.

• Inappropriate Conduct – Because the web environment can feel anonymous, some youth act with
diminished social inhibitions. Children must understand that the Internet is a public
forum: anonymity is a myth. They sometimes need help to be the good person online that they are
when they’re offline

Internet Safety


The Internet has created a global community of people connected through computers. Along with the opportunity to explore new information and connect with others, the Internet presents challenges and responsibilities. As educators and parents, it is important that we help children and young people understand how to be good and safe citizens of this global, digital community.
Walnut Park elementary wishes to  teach students about Internet safety and the appropriate and ethical use of information technology in the classroom and at home.

Doug's Safe Surfing Tips - 33 easy to understand safe surfing tips for students. (Grades K-4)

PBS Kids Web License - Learn the web's "Rules of the Road". (Grades 2-6)


Disney's CyberNetiquette Comix - Interactive comic on email and computer viruses. (Grades K-3)

      Social Networks -  Article on how to be safe on Facebook and other sites. (Grades 4-12)

Disney's CyberNetiquette Comix - Interactive comic on netiquette. (Grades K-3)

CyberSense and Nonsense - The Second Adventure of The Three CyberPigs. (Grades 2-6)
ConnectSafely - Article on tips to help stop cyberbullying. (Grades 4-12)


What is sexting?  - Parry's Sexting Guide for Schools

Disney's CyberNetiquette Comix - Interactive comic protecting of personal information. (Grades K-3)

Privacy Playground - The First Adventure of the Three CyberPigs. (Grades 2-6)

Doug's Interactive Story -  Password protection. (Grades 2-6)



OpenDNS  gives public school students the most cutting-edge and consistent protection from malware, phishing and unsafe content.

This is  free software  for  home use  safe to use  excellent  choice  if your looking for a way to protect your  family members from accessing websites  that might be  inappropriate.